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Welcome to KARL-OVE!

This website is created by typing mostly in HTML. The document follows the HTML v4.01 standard and uses the character set ISO 8859-1. Here are also tested various techniques and scripts.

Karl-Ove with the lorry Karl-Ove in the excavator

Karl-Ove with the bus Karl-Ove the busdriver

21 stk monokrystalline 250w solpaneler samt 32 stk polykrystalline 250w solpaneler Karl-Ove have solved all the cubes

Our summerhouse in Denmark One of our heatpumps at our summerhouse in Denmark

These pictures show some of the things I like to do.

Some of my favourite links:
Link Comments
Weather forecast for Dals-Ed A powerful forecast website for all over the world
Västtrafik Provider of public transport in Västra Götaland, Sweden
Piko-Solar-Portal Graphic representation of performance data from the suncells at roof
Free service - charging stations for electric cars Free service of charging stations for electric cars
Small ABB solar power plant Link to my small ABB solarcell powerplant
Karl-Oves temperature-site A page that displays current temperatures and power at my house
Temperature graph for Ed ( ) Outside temperature at our house in Sweden
Temperature graph for Thorning ( ) Outside temperature at our summerhouse in Denmark
Temperature graph for Falun ( ) Outside temperature in Falun

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